The New Generation 2022 it is our Waiver & Digital Release of Liability, participant agreement Mitwaiver Software ( protected by copyright )

Mitwaiver Box it extremely perfect for give complete automation of your games without the necessity of an operator!

What Showing :
document to fill
when the user sign ( mitwaiver) take a picture of the face of the user.
When proceed leave to the user make the payment.
When accept the payment leave the play at the user!

Fill, sign, and pay in short time!

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MITWAIVER software system it is the exclusive property of Erika Tessarolo ( the inventor and author ) protected by copyright .

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All Show Games Mechanical bull  & art product it is

“No Operator NEED” and Now with Mitwaiver you can have more:
Collet details, privacy agreement, PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT RELEASE AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK, picture face of the customers when agree and fill the contract, sing document, take payment by card or smart card etc., and send input to your Mechanical Games for give the service.

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Mitwaiver Software it is Copyright by Erika Tessarolo Author Certified by SIAE and Washington Copyright. all Rights it is reserved M’Art Technology – Show Games Italy srl – Show Games US LLC Recorded too by SIAE.