Let’s make our Dreams come true Together.

We work with love.

First of all, we want to say thank you to all our customer to support us and believe in our company and in pur products.

For that reason for us all people, customer all around our company are our Family, we are family run company, for us all our customers are our family.

“We have start to make The real Ferrari of Mechanical Bulls in the World, and we want help you, to make Your dreams come true.”

We have add so many Families into our Show Games Family, especially one of this Families which is very important to us.

The Real History : Guillermo Garcia is a United Stated citizen, Born in Mexico, he has follow on web and exhibitions our company for many years, his dream was to have our mechanical bull to open a rental company, thus creating rodeo themed parties for the whole state of Indiana/Indianapolis (USA).

But one of the problems holding back the start was the investment to buy one of the best Mechanical Big Rodeo Bull ( EL TIGRE) .

For many family’s it is difficult to move in USA or other country, and is not easy to starts with a new life and new business, especially for Mexican people,  find a easy Lease or Banks Loan, if you are new in the country.

One day Guillermo tell to Erika (our CEO and Owner):
“I have a Dream and Goal for my life, Buy and work with the Most of The Realistic and Big Mechanical Bull in the World.”

Erika after thinking about it, she took the decision to help the Garcia’s Family.
And realize the dream of this amazing family.
Give the best Mechanical big Rodeo Bull, with a special price, but with a directly finance with her with no interest on financing.

Normally in the world no body help you without any guarantee or security, especially if live completely in different State and country.

But Tessarolo Family has believe on Garcia’s family, Erika start the hard work to make a special and Custom Design for make the Best Big and Strongest Mechanical Bull Rodeo , in a special edition version 220 volts and 110 volts to warranty the Hight quality of all motors without losing performance of the power of the 200v.

When all was ready, Erika has planned the delivery of the Mechanical Bull directly to the home of Guillermo.

Then unbeknownst to Guillermo, Erika planned the delivery of one extra Small Mechanical Bull for children for free, and the trip of her and Ugo, to visit and meet Garcia’s Family in person.

All happy with this meeting, Guillermo, starts the new business with the Rental of Mechanical Bulls with amazing success.

Garcia’s Family in 3 years have increase the business in Rental Games, in the Indianapolis area and expanded the business with new attractions, included the new Mechanical Deluxe Bull, made with led light, Fog, etc.  and other one new product, like an new Rodeo bull for children exclusive soon delivered to them.

” Erika : We are so Glad to have and know this Family in our Show Games Family, we hope to are an example for this Generation and for the Future Generations , because we are Person and not a Number.”