Custom Art Rides & Promotional Tours

Thanks to our Experience on Mechanical Systems & Hand-Crafted, the most Famous Big Brand and Companies has request to Show Games, personal Customized-Design.

It is very simple , send to us your Idea, Pictures or Project, mascotte or design and we make for you.
You don’t have any idea? don’t worry we take care of your project with our professional Designers, Engineers and Artists.

Our Clients include Major Brands such as MacDonalds, Decathlon, Ricola, Heineken, Bayer, Budweiser, Fiat, Samsung, Wrangler, Bacardi, Parque Reunidos, and many more has chose us.

Custom-designed, it is perfect too for Tours & Events, create now your new brand ‘……… Rodeo Challenge’! Here some our Examples:

Mechanical Fluorescent Horse for Mirabilandia Park ,Parque Reunidos

Mechanical Pig for Brand Rovagnati

Mechanical Megataur Minotaurus rodeo ride .

Stomach for citrosodina Brand Bayer

Mechanical Snow Board simulator for Badweiser , Mc Donald , Samsung and many more …

Mechanical Project for Bud Light

Mechanical Arts for Artis Franco lo Svizzero

Mechanical Sofa for Bacardi & DMAX canale 52

Mechanical Surf Customized for Sweet Years & Channel K2, 41

And Many More Mechanical Custom Art Rides ….


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