Art & Design for make the most famous Mechanical Rodeo Bull Ride, Mechanical Arts.

Critical review:

For millennia, human beings have tried to establish an authentic way of communicating with nature and, partly by imitation and partly by ingenuity, has invented very useful and not useful things.

knows how to instill soul and extraordinary imagination in every work of art that is born in her hands, recovering quality and recycled materials, including mechanical art in the world and integrating the international debate with a clear and profound message.
Futurism and Hyperrealism filter the artist’s unique touch and are embodied in true art by materializing, without consuming new material, returning to our planet what we have wasted. At the same time, giving life to new worlds that await us to offer us new experiences.

Bull Thor award-winning work based on the Space Cowboy idea.
Art Expo Gallery Italy – Venice 19 sept 2020

Awards of European Artist of the year 2020 – Cesenatico Italian state –

There are no limits to creativity, and the artist is always the architect of new and unexpected works, exploded with unconscious transformation and renewal.
The beginning is always a challenge, this time even more, if you analyze the consistency to believe and fight for a dream with all its strength, to transform it into a new project that appreciates the use of recyclables. Award-winning work: Real Soul Horse.

2018 Honor- Released by National Association for Research and Protection of Antiques and fine Arts

Contemporary Artist

The most important Award received is the World Award for Lifetime Achievement for our CEO .

Erika has shown in his years of work experience that can be pretty smart and have experience in the engineering industry and inventions, thanks to this the Association of Women chose Erika to be awarded Expo 2015 edition, for hers career conquered at a young age.

(Erika ) : “ I work hard for the happiness of my Family and Company, my wishes and dreams is to inspire young women and more to understand that  “if you want … everything is possible with perseverance, loyalty  to a healthy ethic of work and respect. A Big Thanks to my family and Company ( Show Games )”

Milan 1 September 2015

Dear Erika Tessarolo, We are pleased to inform you that the Commission’s assessment of nominations of the International “Prize Women who have it made/ Donne che ce l’hanno fatta ” edition EXPO 2015. He has selected your name for the award of the Prize, welcoming the commitment in the world of work, for his professional growth and enthusiasm combined with creativity that shows in every occasion of relationship. The award ceremony will take place at the parchment Palazzo Lombardia, Milan Piazza di Lombardia 1 Biagi- room from 14 to 15 Please accept our warmest congratulations for being selected. ISA MAGGI ANNA MARIA GANDOLFI Gaia Foundation Project Coordinator Office of Woman, Office of Woman Viale Repubblica, 10, Pavia PV.