Thank you to our unique and not copyable Safety System, you can choose Best Insurance and Finance Services for your Mechanical Bulls & Multi-Rides Art Simulators

The most important things in the Mechanical Bull ride and art it is the  Safety system !

We produce the safest mechanical bulls in the world no Accident from 1989!.
Our unique and supreme Safety System it is Certified and Tested from 1989.

We work with the industry’s largest insurance providers to ensure you  the best coverage for your games at low cost !.
Don’t forget your annual ordinary maintenance,  you can send to us the product or we come directly to you.
If you don’t remember how it easy set up & operate your Mechanical Bulls or Multi-Rides Watch here : Set Up and operate your Mechanical Bulls & Multi-Rides- Show Games

Easy to help woman and man to set up in only 15 minutes.

More easy thank that ? Nothing !

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Italian / European Mechanical Bulls & Multi-Rides Insurance Company

Gruppo Itas Assicurazioni
Agenzia Generale di Valle Sabbia/ 237
via XX settembre, 127
25070 Sabbio Chiese (BS)

tel. 0365/895 994
fax. 0365/895 038

Mechanical Bull Rodeo Ride insurance example :

Dana Cagen
Vice President
Sports, Entertainment and Special Events

PO Box 791467
Paia,HI 96779

860.760.8230 Fax

Zodiac Insurance Services, Inc.
62 Tuckerton Road Shamong, NJ 08088


Northeast Insurance Center
514 N E 16th Place Unit #1
Cape Coral, FL 33909
Phone Number (800) 719-9066
Alternate Number (239) 244-9777
Fax Number (860) 627-8695
Ric Maylott

Finance your Purchase

Usa Market

Ascentium Capital LLC

Craig Colling
 Senior Vice President – Sales
 Ascentium Capital LLC
 W: 281.902.1444  F: 281.921.3544  M: 602.402.9672