The Best Family Entertainment, Mechanical Bulls, Simulators, Action Games and Multi-Rides & Custom Rides Manufacturer

Show Games is an Italian family-run Company and Global Leader of Invention & Production of Mechanical Bulls, Mechanical Simulators and Action Games, for Amusement Parks and Family Entertainment.

Founded in 1989 by the Tessarolo Family, we entered into the International Market in 1990 with our Best Seller: The Mechanical Bull with REAL Animal Movements.
The Most Real Simulator in the World of Rodeo and Bull Riding. Indeed, professional World Rodeo Champions use our Products for their training. (See video links).

Our Company produces more of than 40 Types of Simulators for adults and children.

But Show Games is not just a Mechanical Rides Manufacturer or Mechanical Bull Manufacturer. It is also an extremely amazing Artistic company, and thanks to this. Show Games specializes in Custom-Designing and using the Traditional Art of Hand Craft.

Some examples of this are the various Customized Games & Products for Amusement Parks, and also the Creations specially made for the Famous Artist Franco Lo Svizzero, the custom-designed beautiful white horses known as “Girotondo”.

One of the highlights of Show Games is the production of Customized Products according to the specifications of the Customers’ Needs.

Every year, we at Show Games continually develop our world-renowned Superior Safety Systems, which have International Copyright. Research & Innovation is extremely important to us.

Our Company Show Games was established in 1989. In 1990, we entered the International Market, enjoying our huge success not only in Europe but also in The Americas, The Middle East and Africa, including countries such as:-

Russia, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Cuba, Peru, Canada, USA, Argentina, Syria, Guinea, Iran, Kurdistan, Kenya, Malta, Nigeria, Mexico.

Our Mission

Our most important Market is The United Arab Emirates. The UAE has purchased more than 2000 luxury customized Mechanical Bulls & Mechanical Games.

Show Games are at the Service of Your Ideas and Dreams. We can realize your project or idea by customizing or branding your Exclusive Project.

Our References and Our Customers & Clients

Since 1989, we have gathered more than 1 Million Customers & Clients around the world! We now celebrate 30 Years in the Market.

We are known throughout the World for our Excellence and our Unique Safety Systems & Technology. All of our Products are Fully Approved & Certified by the European Institutions of Safety Standards, and also The Bureau of Ride & Measurement Standards in USA.

Big Brands who have chosen Show Games include:- McDonalds, Fiat Chrysler, Budweiser, Heineken, Bayer, Ricola, Samsung, Wrangler, Bacardi, Jack Daniels, The United States Air Force (USAF), The US Consulate General Milan, Merlin Group at Gardaland Italy, Parque Reunidos Group, Mirabilandia Park, and many more.

Our Mission

With Show Games, all of our Customers can enjoy Safety Entertainment with a Proven Track Record tested over a 30-year period. Since 1989, we and our customers have had ZERO ACCIDENTS.

With Show Games’ Products, it is EASY for our customers to Make Money WITHOUT Operator Costs, and with only a SMALL Investment that has PAID FOR ITSELF within the FIRST YEAR !

Our Slogan is:

Ride the Future, Ride your Fun.

Erika Tessarolo

Owner/CEO since 2006.

Born in Brescia 14th April 1986. Owner since 2006, specialized in Inventing & Realization of every kind of Invention. Direct Customer Assistance, Amusement Park Designer, Party & Themed Events Organiser. Artist, featured in “Women in Art 2018”, known as ‘Le Protagoniste della Storia Dell’Arte’ in Memory of Frida Kahlo.

Ugo Tessarolo

Inventor since 1976- Owner from 1989 to 2005 .

Born in Brescia 19th December 1952. Inventor since 1976. Owner & Founder, established Show Games in 1989. Specialized in Concepts and Realization of Mechanical, Electronic and general-purpose Machines. Party and Themed-Events Organiser.