We are People , not Numbers !

The real Ferrari of Mechanical Big Bulls in the World, is a Show Games Product !

We have add so many Families to our Show Games Family , but one of this Families have change our prospect of Business .

History : Moreno Garcia is an United Stated citizen , Born on Mexico , he has follow from many years our company and products , but without any finance possibility to buy one our product .

So many family’s relocate on a New Country , and is not to easy to starts again , works, banks and finance do not permit in a easy way to start a new business without money and is not to easy find a easy Lease or Banks Loan .

One day Moreno , tell to Erika the CEO and Owner of the company how he can realize the Dream to have the Most of The Real and Big Mechanical Bull on the World .

Erika after thinking about possible solutions , she have take a decision to help the Garcia Family make a special price for this Family and finance personally the Mechanical Big Bull , without any Bank/Finance systems and 0% financing.
Very hard for an Italian company come from a Europe System.

Family Tessarolo has believe on Garcia’s family and more than this have give free one Games more  one inflatable tents , to permit to this amazing Family to starts a new business on the Rental of Mechanical Bulls, too the Garcia’s Family have believe on the Show Games and Show Games products .

Erika Tessarolo and the Inventor Ugo tessarolo has visited the Garcia’s Family , to delivery personally the machine to this amazing Family

Garcia’s Family in this 3 years have increase the business on Rental Games on the Indianapolis area and too have add the list of Rental Games available a new amazing Mechanical Medium Bull Model with extra real effect Coming Soon June 2018 .

We are so Glad to have this Family on our Team , Good Bless to all families who receive help from other families we hope to are an example for this generation and the future generations , beacuse for us every Customer is a Person not a Number .

If you want Rent the best Mechanical Bulls contact Los Tres Garcia Facebook Pages here : https://bit.ly/2IHkIUE