Show Games is an Italian Company leader in Invention , Production of Mechanical and simulators , entertainment games and action games .

Founded in 1989 by Tessarolo family, begins in the international market on the year 1990 with the best seller of the company: The Mechanical Bull. The Most Real simulator on the world of Rodeo.

The Company produce more of than forty kind of simulator for adults and children.

But Show Games is not just a Mechanical Rides Manufacturer , too is a very amazing Artistic company , cause this the Company specialized on Customized and work by old art of Handmade.

Some example is various customized for Amusement Parks areas but the most important is an a Creation of Mechanical Arts for Franco Lo Svizzero , Italian famous Artist on the World.

One of the highlights of Show Games is the production of customized products according to customer needs.

Every year Show Games try to make the her Best :  Innovation first of all,  on Safety Systems  .

In the mean time Show Games entry with success from 1990 until now ,  not only in the Italian market but also in many other countries like : Russia, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, Austria, Netherands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Cuba, Peru, Canada, USA, Argentina, Italy, Syria, Guinea, Iran, Kurdistan, Kenya, Malta, Nigeria, Mexico.

The first country customer of Show Games in the world is United Arab Emirates , with very hight request for luxury special games make from Show Games .

Show Games is at the Service of Your Ideas and Dreams; Show Games realizes your project or idea for customize or branding your exclusive mechanical simulator or entertainment area.

Our References and our Costumers

We have collect from 1989 More than a million of customers around the world!

More of 25 Years in the Market, Certification and Safety, Insurance agencies in the world, Participation in the most important Exhibition in the World .

So many Big Brand have chosen Show Games like : Merlin Group at Gardaland Italy, for Western Area, Parque Reunidos Group , Bayer , Jack Daniels , Mc Donald and many more.


Warranty to Ride Safety games , and make easy for our customers to make money without cost of operator !

Our Slogan

Ride the Future , Ride your Fun.

Erika Tessarolo Owner/CEO from 2006

She born in Brescia 14/April/1986. Owner since 2006 specialized in inventing and realization of every kind of inventions; direct customer assistance, amusement park designer, party and theme events organization.

Ugo Tessarolo Inventor From 1976

His born in Brescia 19/December/1952 Inventor since 1976. Owner since 1989 specialized in mechanical, electronical and general purpose machines concepts and realization, direct customer assistance, party and theme events organization.